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Once a vehicle's warranty has expired, repairs and maintenance can become costly. That is why Greg's Auto Service strives to keep the cost of repairs affordable. We will NEVER sell you a part that you don't need. We enjoy helping our customers understand what is going on with their vehicle, so we try to explain in terms you will understand.



Brakes are the most important safety feature on you vehicle. To help protect the safety of you and the ones you love, follow this Seven point checklist. If you notice any or all of them, please come in and let us take a look.

  • Tire skidding while braking.

  • The vehicle's pulling to the left or right while braking.

  • A  soft or low brake pedal.

  • Shuddering through the steering wheel when braking.

  • Squeals, screeches or high pitched noises while braking.

  • Brake system warning lights on.

  • The vehicle takes longer to stop than normal.


Your vehicle's electrical system consists of the battery, starter, and alternator. The battery provides electricity to the starter. Then, the alternator charges the battery back up and maintains the voltage at 14 volts while energy is used  from it to power your vehicle. If one of these parts is not working correctly, your vehicle won't start or run correctly. Here are some signs that you may need a new battery, or you may need to get the charging system tested.

  • The engine is sluggish or takes longer than normal to start.

  • Any leaking around the posts, as this causes corrosion and drains the battery.

  • If your battery is at least five years old you should have it tested.


Gasoline engines have improved quite a bit, but they are not very efficient at turning chemical energy into mechanical power. Most of the energy in the gasoline is converted into heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to take care of that heat.The cooling system on a car driving down the freeway dissipates enough heat to heat two average-sized houses! The primary job of the cooling system is to keep the engine from overheating by transfering this heat to the air.

The engine in your car runs best at a fairly high temperature. When the engine is cold, components wear out faster, and the engine is less efficient and emits more pollution. So another important job of the cooling system is to allow the engine to heat up as quickly as possible, and then to keep the engine at a constant temperature.

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