Changing the lubrication oil for the engine is the most basic maintenance you must do at the recommended intervals to keep the engine from having unwanted problems while lasting for hundreds of thousands of miles.


Neglecting changing the oil with the correct grade of oil can lead to oil consumption, increased internal wear on vital engine parts, increased accumulation of sludge in the engine, carbon build up on the valves, and malfunction of computer controlled systems that lead to engine warning lights coming on.

Hours of Operation:


Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Saturday's by Appointment


​Night Drop off available


(541) 754-5310

Greg's Auto Service

440 SW Wake Robin Ave.

Corvallis, Oregon 97333

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From downtown Corvallis:

 1. Drive SOUTH on SW 4th St (US-20)

This a ONE-WAY street heading SOUTH


 2. Take left underpass onto SW 3rd St (OR-99W S) toward Junction City/Eugene (go 1.4 mi) You will travel through two traffic lights. The second is in the Lincoln School speed zone. 20 mph on school days.


 3. Turn right onto SW Wake Robin Ave (go 0.2 mi) This is the first right turn after Park Ave. The shop is on the left before the tracks.