Many auto experts rank an auto tune up just below an oil change in terms or important maintenance. There is not a standard mileage figure (because there are too many variables). You can often go 30,000 miles or so before it's time for a tune up. An auto tune-up can pay off in greater fuel economy, improved engine performance, cleaner air, and fewer expensive repair bills. Regular tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle.


Now, what constitutes a tune-up? There isn't a single definition. What might be included in an older vehicle tune up, may not apply to a newer car.


Here is a list of some basic tune-up items:

  • Replacing spark plugs

  • Replacing the fuel filter

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters

  • Cleaning throttle body

  • Cleaning or replacing PCV valve

  • Inspecting or replacing spark plug wires

  • Inspecting or replacing distributor caps and rotors

  • Inspecting or replacing hoses and belts

  • Inspecting or replacing the oxygen sensor

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From downtown Corvallis:

 1. Drive SOUTH on SW 4th St (US-20)

This a ONE-WAY street heading SOUTH


 2. Take left underpass onto SW 3rd St (OR-99W S) toward Junction City/Eugene (go 1.4 mi) You will travel through two traffic lights. The second is in the Lincoln School speed zone. 20 mph on school days.


 3. Turn right onto SW Wake Robin Ave (go 0.2 mi) This is the first right turn after Park Ave. The shop is on the left before the tracks.