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Many auto experts rank an auto tune up just below an oil change in terms or important maintenance. There is not a standard mileage figure (because there are too many variables). You can often go 30,000 miles or so before it's time for a tune up. An auto tune-up can pay off in greater fuel economy, improved engine performance, cleaner air, and fewer expensive repair bills. Regular tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle.


Now, what constitutes a tune-up? There isn't a single definition. What might be included in an older vehicle tune up, may not apply to a newer car.


Here is a list of some basic tune-up items:

  • Replacing spark plugs

  • Replacing the fuel filter

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters

  • Cleaning throttle body

  • Cleaning or replacing PCV valve

  • Inspecting or replacing spark plug wires

  • Inspecting or replacing distributor caps and rotors

  • Inspecting or replacing hoses and belts

  • Inspecting or replacing the oxygen sensor

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